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Pre-labour and childbirth preparation class

Pre-labour preparation – workshop with experienced labour assistant Lenka Adel, is dedicated to all future parents which wish to be actively prepared for the childbirth.


New! 3hours private workshop with pre-labour assistant in the termin what you need in Miracle studio


The workshop covers:

- list of necessary things for the hospital

- when is the right moment to go to the hospital

- particular labour stages

- preparation of your partner to the labour

- correct breathing techniques for labour

- labour positions

- alternative techniques to help bring labour pain relief by painfull contractions

- massages, aromatherapy ....

- free discussion, questions and answers


Workshop price: 170 €/couple, future mother alone 150 € (small refreshment included) Your lecturer will be an experienced labour assistant Lenka Adel or Jana Funtaľová 


where? In Miracle studio, Dunajská 31, Bratislava

what to bring with you to the class? Comfortable clothes, handbook with pen.. workshop price, 150 euró

(payment in advance by money transfer on the bank account No. 261 313 4561/1100, the variable symbol is 2017 + your name in the transfer info )

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